About Me


I am a third year PhD student in Machine Learning where I am supervised by Doina Precup in the Reasoning and Learning Lab and Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms (MILA) at McGill University. Previously, I was a research intern at Microsoft Research Montreal, working with Philip Bachman.

I completed my Masters at University of Cambridge in the MPhil Machine Learning, Speech and Language Technology program, under the supervision of Zoubin Ghahramani and Yarin Gal at Cambridge Machine Learning Group. My Masters was funded by the Cambridge Commonwealth and International Trust, and I was a member of St John’s College, Cambridge. 

Prior to that I studied Electronic and Electrical Engineering at University College London working under supervision of John Shawe-Taylor and Guy Lever from the Centre of Computational Statistics and Machine Learning and Gatsby Computational and Neuroscience Unit at UCL. I also had a great fortune working with David Silver from Google DeepMind during my undergraduate thesis.

I was also a summer research student at California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship program (SURF) where I worked under supervision of Richard Murray in the Control and Dynamical Systems Lab, under a project in collaboration with the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)and Keck Institute for Space Studies Before that, I was a summer research student in the Machine Learning Group at Johns Hopkins University working under supervision of Suchi Saria.

Research Interests:

  • Deep Reinforcement Learning
  • Temporal Abstraction and Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
  • Optimization Methods for RL
  • Deep Learning
  • Bayesian Deep Learning
  • Probabilistic Models
  • Approximate and Variational Bayesian Inference
  • Deep Generative Models