Academic History

McGill University

PhD in Computer Science
School of Computer Science
Field of Interest : Machine Learning (Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning)
Reasoning and Learning Lab
Supervisor(s) : Prof Doina Precup and Prof Joelle Pineau

University of Cambridge

MPhil Machine Learning, Speech and Language Technology (2015-2016)
Department of Engineering
Computational and Biological Learning Lab
Supervisor : Prof Zoubin Ghahramani (Cambridge Machine Learning Group)
Member of St John’s College, Cambridge

University College London (UCL)

Electronic Engineering with Computer Science (2011-2015)
Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering
Department of Computer Science
Computational Statistics and Machine Learning
Supervisor : Prof John Shawe-Taylor (Head of UCL CSML)

High School, Middle School and Primary School :
Mastermind School (1999 – 2011)
Dhaka, Bangladesh


2017 – 2021 – Grad Excellence Award in Computer Science from McGill University

2016 – MSc/PhD Fellowship from University of Alberta (courteously declined)

2016 – PhD Fellowship from University of Massachusetts Amherst (courteously declined)

2016 – MSc/PhD Fellowship from Columbia University  (courteously declined)

2015 – Cambridge Commonwealth and International Trust (Full funding for pursuing MPhil at University of Cambridge)

2015 – Dean’s List of Top Undergraduate Students at UCL (top 5% in UCL EEE Department)

2015 – Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (for summer research project at California Institute of Technology)

2014 – Summer Undergraduate Research Expeditions (for summer research project at Johns Hopkins University)

2011 – 2015 – UCL Barlow Scholarship (for academic excellence as International student)

2012 – 2013 – UCL Goldsmid Prize (top 2% in UCL EEE Department)